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Rafe's 24 Month Birthday (aka Second Birthday)

Posted by sila
Sunday 29 December 2013 at 06:48 am.
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And so the boy is now two years old! The big T-W-O! Twenty-four months have passed so quickly!

Angel baby

* Mouse over the pictures for captions

So I was looking at Yaya's 24 month entry to see what kind of things she was up to, and to see pictures of her as a two-year-old. One thing jumped right out - Yaya only had eleven teeth at age 2. Very different from her little brother who probably has close to his quota of twenty milk teeth! It really is interesting to note the differences between the children, both in physical developments as well as interests.

Speech status: Adik is trying to speak in full sentences more and more. For example, he has changed from just saying "Have it?" to ask for something to now saying "Let me have it". We hear "No, YA-YA!!" all the time and he now thinks it is OK to just grab things from his sister without permission because that is what she does to him. One day, both children will be civilized (hopefully). He can count to twelve correctly, but once we get into the teens he might get a bit confused. However he does like "eighteen, nineteen, twenty!" and celebrates that. His obsession with the letters of the alphabet has not diminished - he keeps practising the writing portion now. Also he loves the magnetic letters and plays with them all the time, and at the end of the playtime he likes to toss the magnets around the house.

Like last month, we spent almost two weeks of this month in Pennsylvania for work so Adik and Yaya had a good time there, playing in the snow and whatnot. One unfortunate side effect of the time at the hotel is Adik started freaking out about taking baths in the hotel bathtub for some reason. He would cry hysterically and cling to me like a spider monkey using both his arms and legs, refusing to allow himself to get into the tub or get wet. We ended up mostly giving him sponge baths at the hotel. This actually started in November, but when we got home in November, he was fine again bathing in our tub at home with Yaya. However, in December, after we got home from our work travels, Adik's hysterics at bath time continued at home. It has been a difficult time for us all - requiring both Vin and me to wash him (me to hang on to his in turns clinging and flailing body) while Vin does the soaping and washing (yes, this does mean that we all get fairly wet). Not to mention the toll it takes on my back trying to ensure that Adik doesn't hurt himself during his baths.

Christmas was fun and quiet. And since I am so late in actually writing this entry (yay to backdated entries!), I'm going to stop here and go straight to the pictures of how the boy spent his 24-month birthday. 

Good morning YeeYee!
It's my birthday! Yay!!
Let's play on the big thing

Adik and Yaya were terribly cute. Adik wanted Yaya to read one of their new books to him:

Sitting on Yaya's lap on the little red chair
Chica joins the party
Easier to read on the floor

Yaya was adorable and read Not a Box to her little brother very well. And then they play with a real box:

Not a Box, the non-book version
Stir, stir, stir

Adik loves footwear way too large for him:

Yaya's boots and a diaper - a good look for a two-year-old
Walking around in Mama's shoes

And then, since Adik's birthday falls in the winter and nobody really wanted to go outside and do stuff (poor baby!), we decided to blow up some helium balloons to play with:

Blue balloon for Adik
Reach for the ceiling!
Running up and down the hallway
Playing together
Geraming the balloon

And then it was time for lunch. Adik mooched off of Papa's plate:

That one?

And then it was time to put together the race car tracks!

Adik helps to tighten a screw
Is it ready yet?

Race car slide!

Racing cars with Yaya

Mischievous Adik!

And then it was time to go out and run some errands:

Ready to go!

Adik fell asleep in the car

In the evening, we decided to do Adik's cake and candles:

Cupcake and two (unlit) candles

Adik blew the first candle out straight away!

Yaya prevents Adik from falling onto his cake

Adik wants to blow again!
Happy birthday Adik!
Distracting Adik with a present
Ripping the wrapping paper
Thank you for the little car, Auntie Lil!

But Adik still wanted to blow out the candles, so we went ahead and lit it two more times for him. Here are some extra pictures of the boy and his candle-blowing habit.

Ready to blow it out again!
Getting sad
More candles! Again!
Sad baby, denied a fourth blow-out of candles
And now he's really crying for more candles

He seriously cried more for these candles than he did when he fell down and got the black eye last month. Sheeesh! So we had to distract him. First with dinner (he ate some of Yaya's bread toast)

Gnom gnom
Balloons in my pocket!
Whirling balloon dervish
Happy Adik again!
I'm clapping!
Using the bowling pin as a microphone

And then we had a fun tears/screaming bath, and then it was bedtime for little birthday boys.

Post-bath, happy to have the vat of lotion

Happy 24-month birthday, baby boy! We love you!!

Happy boy with his Papa

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