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Summer Vacation On Zeltros

Posted by Hisham
Sunday 16 July 2006 at 10:54 pm.

SWAG's Theme Art Contest for this month is in the bag, with two points in mind:

1. Terras' title suggestion, which is My First Summer Vacation on the Planet Zeltros.

2. Darren's suggestion of using Team: Sabredart imagery once again.

Click on the thumbnail for a full-sized pop-up. The Team Saberdart are, from left to right:

Sabredart on VacationRaeree Giin - Iktotchi Jedi Knight and de facto leader of the rogue Republic Intelligence task force,

Jerec-Kargin - Team medic without his ancient Mandalorian armour here,

Harloth Graf - Naboo trooper seconded to Republic Intelligence during the Clone Wars,

BU-77 - Genetically altered Kamino-manufactured clone, and former ARC Trooper who lisps,

Cassie - Teenaged hellraiser, picked up after the team went rogue,

and behind them all, Mavik - Teltior hit man, skilled with the knives, also a latecomer to the group.

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Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor (Email ) - 18-07-’06 07:27
Hisham (URL) - 18-07-’06 07:49
TJ&R (Email ) - 18-07-’06 16:08
Raeree Giin
Raeree Giin (Email ) - 19-07-’06 04:18

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