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The Return of SWAG

Posted by Hisham
Saturday 15 September 2007 at 10:32 am.
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SWAG bannerFive years ago today, a bunch of tabletop roleplayers and artists and web programmers who met by chance on SWRPGNetwork's Holonet Forums and shared a common dream (well, two really) finally launched the Star Wars Artists' Guild after months of planning. One of the founding members was me. The Guild was created in order to create Star Wars artwork for the RPG, whether it be D6 or d20 or even if you made GURPS or Wushu or Fate games out of the setting.

Today, in the hands of Kris Vanderwater, SWAG is relaunched (using Drupal replacing the old pMachine as its content management system) and all that's old is new again.

Thanks for your effort in relaunching the site, Kris, and Happy 5th SWAGDay. And also thanks to everyone from Bob Rogers, Chris Curtis, Derek Jones, Daniel Falconer and all the others who helped conceive and ran it initially on SWRPGNetwork until it had its own home on the net, to all its contributors and fans throughout the years that kept it alive.

Here's the new link to my SWAG Gallery.

A little secret: The reason why I always remember SWAG's Anniversary is that it's exactly a week ahead of Irfan's birthday! Yaaay!

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simple american

Oh this is cool. Since I got my hands on Star Wars Saga I have been Jonesing to play it. Maybe I can get some adventure ideas from SWAG. Cool!

simple american (Email ) (URL) - 19-09-’07 00:45

See, the drawing of Tyzen Khonda is the whole reason I know Hisham. My buddy Dustin found his site when he offered free drawings of characters, and I sent him an e-mail asking him to draw Tyzen. He agreed, did a spot on job, we started talking, and the rest is history. SWAG is an extension of that, and for that I am greatful.

Shane (Email ) (URL) - 20-09-’07 11:26

Grife, Shane. Was that more than five years ago?

Hisham (Email ) (URL) - 20-09-’07 18:45

Aye. See, your wife was still pregnant with your son when we first started chatting after you drew Tyzen.

Shane (Email ) (URL) - 20-09-’07 21:36

Here’s Tyzen Khonda again, just for shits and giggles:


Hisham (Email ) (URL) - 20-09-’07 22:26

happy birthday SWAG! i remember Tyzen – cool drawing, yope! :-)

sila - 21-09-’07 00:02
Dustin Colwell

The drawing you did for me of Darth Morbus, is still my fave, not to mention Coldu Gosai, which you painted, awesome!, and of course the ship The Firey Raptor, which was a modded Bantha class assault shuttle. Thanks again, many years later Hisham!

Dustin Colwell (Email ) - 24-09-’07 10:38

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