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Irfan: Five Years After the Day

Posted by Hisham
Friday 21 September 2007 at 10:00 pm.
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Tonight was Irfan's 5th birthday, as can be noted via the photo of his cake below. See? It's in the shape of the number five.

Five. Five candles, ah ah ah. But yeah, Ain noted that it looks like the letter 'S'.

The blue thingies are supposed to be penguins... who knew

Here is the close up of the ancient inscription found on the cake during the archaeological dig:

From Mom and Dad

So, here we go by the numbers as per last year. Many thanks to Atok Irfan for his photography skills to get great photographic shots:

Singing the birthday song distracts him while photos are taken

Then I got behind the camera to take a picture of Atok & Opah Irfan:

Irfan's grandparents

There were two cameras trying to take a photo of Irfan and Cik Emma. However, both were looking at the other camera when the button was pressed.

Let's eat already!

Finally Irfan receives his birthday present from Atok Irfan! Check out the excitement in his eyes:

Look at his baby photo at the wall

It's an Optimus Prime! But.... how to get it out of the box?

Awaiting for help

Thankfully a passerby (his dad) helped him to get the toy out of the box. It was a Voyager-class movie Optimus with Automorph technology. God knows we need more Automorph technology in the world. Said passerby is seen reading transformation instructions in the background.

Nice alt-mode

Ultimately, Irfan finds himself with a little help from the passerby, a robot mode Optimus Prime! Irfan's lips turn blue in his excitement! (Not really... just the blue icing from the cake):

... and roll out!

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happy birthday irfan! i wish i could be there to celebrate your first half decade. enjoy your optimus prime! did you get the ecard from me and ayah cik? ;-)

sila - 22-09-’07 07:08

happy bird-day Irfan. ahh, the blue birdies on the cake looked soooo cute. hehehe
sila: look at pic #3. you and Vin were in it too. :D

atuk - 22-09-’07 08:31
Chris C

Happy birthday Irfan.

psssstttt: …hey hisham, time for no.2…..heehee….

Chris C - 23-09-’07 00:19

Happy birthday, Irfan!
ps: Hish, your boy looks just like you!

Selena (URL) - 23-09-’07 02:22

yay! happy belated birthday irfan! can i get some cake too, please? ;)

Lil (Email ) (URL) - 23-09-’07 19:44

Happy belated birthday irfan!! :)

the optimus prime thingy seems to run in the family eh?

athena (Email ) (URL) - 24-09-’07 09:02
Dustin Colwell

Happy Birthday Irfan. Hisham you are the coolest dad ever!!:D

Dustin Colwell (Email ) - 24-09-’07 10:35
simple american

Happy birthday Irfan. Cool Optimus Prime there! Ready for some action.

Watching the “passer by” read instructions brought back some memories for me. haha I remember assembling this castle with my son on Christmas morning. It took three hours assembling that thing. My buddy came over with his younger son, who disassembled the entire thing in five minutes. Just a classic moment.

simple american (Email ) (URL) - 28-09-’07 06:38

I was looking high and low for Bumble Bee but couldn’t find them anywhere. Where did you dad buy them?

Happy Birthday Irfan. Jaga toy baik-baik ya. Kalau tidak, nanti aunti curi. hehe…

Hijackqueen (Email ) (URL) - 09-10-’07 15:20

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