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Kehren Sie Nach Deutschland Zurück

Posted by Hisham
Monday 21 January 2008 at 1:26 pm.
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The Hirsch Hotel
It was a cold Sunday morning when we arrived in Germany. It wasn't as cold as it was two Februaries ago when snow surrounded Munich airport, but it was chilly enough for a bunch of Malaysians. But instead of staying over at Tiefenbronn (which was close by) I was given a room at Hotel-Gasthof Hirsch.

And no, I can't speak, read or write in German. The title came about after a quick visit to an free online translator website.

Here I am freezing my butt off on a Sunday afternoon, when the town seemed as if it was totally deserted. I wish Kuala Lumpur would be like this every Sunday morning:

The Hirsch is a series of three buildings. The middle and the main building (where reception and the restaurant is situated) is where the sign hangs with the figure of the hart. The balcony is connected to Sudriman's room. He seems to be the only guy with a balcony:

I am however spending my nights at the third building which is the appartmenthaus. There's the entrance. If you get locked out with your key, you're screwed. Thankfully I'm not screwed... yet:

There is a church right behind the hotel. As you can calculate, it is now 7.30 PM at home:

The sign says the right turn will lead me to my old hotel at Tiefenbronn. Luckily there is a bakery open around the corner. I bought two croissants for lunch.

Guess where this door at the nice building takes you?

A graveyard! There were a few people paying their respects there at the time.

Finally, here is the entrance up the one-way street toward the hotel. Apparently the police is up the road as well. And interestingly enough there is a water trough. Whatever for, I wonder?

Stay with us. More pictures after the break.

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