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Hold the applause, please

Posted by sila
Wednesday 08 April 2009 at 05:27 am.
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So, she put her hands together and clapped her hands. She makes a little clapping noise and everything. She started it on her own on Saturday (April 4th), and has been happily clapping her hands since then.

Clap again!

Vin and I really didn't try to actively teach Allie to clap her hands. We only spottily sang "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands". Somehow, she figured it out. Allie had been banging two objects together (one in each hand) for weeks now, and had also been holding my hands and making them clap together. Maybe it was research? Whatever the case, let's sing together and Allie will clap:

Tepuk amai-amai
Belalang kupu-kupu
Tepuk Alya pandai
Mama upah susu

OK. Now you may applaud. :-)

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What’s amai-amai? Maybe the original was “Lepuk Anai-Anai”? What’s belalang kupu-kupu?

sree (Email ) - 08-04-’09 16:10

zarin - 08-04-’09 23:34

how come she doesn’t look happy with the applause?? LOL

clap clap

athena (URL) - 09-04-’09 08:11

sree: pantun kan ada pembayang maksud. what the bayangan, i dunno. i refer you to my mother, our former BM teacher ;-) although lepuk anai-anai is an intriguing thought. my theory, maybe it was “tepuk ramai-ramai”.

zarin: hehe thanks! :-)

ath: that was right before bedtime, she very ngantuk and grumpy one. still managed to clap fot the camera ;-)

sila - 10-04-’09 05:28

wheee i’ll get to see her in action soon enough :D

Lil (Email ) (URL) - 12-04-’09 23:16

I thought it was tepuk ramai-ramai?

Hijackqueen (Email ) (URL) - 13-04-’09 15:14

Well done Allie babe!
wot Zarin said!

Selena (URL) - 16-04-’09 03:29

Thanks for the clarification Sila… anyway I will continue lepukking any anai-anai, because some of them destroyed my “Learn Russian in 30 Days” back in Uni. B’cos of them i still can’t speak Russian.

sree (Email ) - 18-04-’09 06:02

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