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Allie's 9 Month Birthday

Posted by sila
Thursday 30 April 2009 at 09:28 am.
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I feel like a broken record, but it's true, time has passed so very quickly. Unbeknownst to us (seemingly), 40 weeks have passed. Allie has now been ex utero as long as she was in utero. She was 9 months old last Wednesday, April 22nd! So it makes her now, 9 months and 1 week old today. 40 weeks altogether. Woo! Her personality shines through strongly, and she most definitely is her own person with definite thoughts in her head about what she likes/dislikes, what she wants and when she wants it. It really is a balancing act to love her and give her everything, without becoming over-indulgent. Plus when she bats those eyelids of hers and smiles, how can we resist? ;-)

9-month-old Allie cons the 'rents

Before Allie was born, I thought that she would be the most important thing to us, and that we would love her more than we ever could imagine. While all of that is true, what I didn't realize is that there's so much more to being Allie's parents. She's so much fun, and I know it's weird that I should be surprised about this, but I like her, as well as love her. Anyway, this is the best adventure ever. Just come over (or Skype) and you'll see how much fun she is. She is sitting, reaching, rolling around, and clapping her hands. We play peekaboo and tag. She has even been initiating "Simon Says" games, making us clap our hands, thump our chests or pound the table along with her, and she does her best to try to fake us out when we play. She can throw a ball (or any small projectile) forward using her left hand, but when using her right hand a lot of the time the missile goes backwards. She giggles to the Bingo song (B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o!) and is learning a lot of animal names and sounds through Old Macdonald (and his farm). The animals include the real, the mythical, the fictional, as well as non-animals and nonsensical metaphors (e.g., enigma, eyesore, tractor, etc.). We have also been singing this song trilingually (English, Malay, Spanish) and she doesn't seem to mind as long as we keep singing. She seems to have developed a habit of making new people pick her up and carry her around when she first meets them (waitstaff at restaurants).

Her gastronomical experiments have become quite varied. At the 8 month mark, she had just tried Honeydew melon puree. She has been eating proteins now and to date the following are the new foods she has been introduced to and her rating of them:

1. Peach puree (thumbs up)
2. Yogurt (thumbs down - even when mixed with her favorite fruits)
3. Chicken and rice puree (thumbs up)
4. Broccoli (thumbs up)
5. Tofu (thumbs middle? She liked it when pureed with cauliflower or sweet potato)
6. Papaya (thumbs up)
7. Beef and potato puree (thumbs up)
8. Onion + chicken & rice puree (thumbs up)

All the foods were given to Allie on a 4-day trial basis, and so far no allergic reactions (knock wood!). Her appetite is growing and she has really been loving her fruit sorbet/slushy desserts. Her all-time favorite so far is plums (she cries for more after eating 2 ounces of it at the end of her meal!). Now that she is older, we are also starting to introduce different herbs and spices (beginning with onion), as so far all of the food she consumes is home made and contains no added sugar or salt. At any rate, it is all very exciting and I can't believe she is now 3/4 of a year old!

So here come the pictures, that show how the girl spent her 9-month birthday (which sadly fell on a Wednesday so it was a work day). Mouse over the pictures for captions!

In the morning, Allie and Papa hung out together. Allie had a bit of an eye infection, which you can see on her right eye.

Poor infected right eye
Huh? What?
Let me take a closer look with  my monocle
Shocking! Utterly shocking!

After Mama came down and started working, Allie played in her activity center.

Standing strong

Papa, don't make me shy

I'll use my lightsabre

Attacking the star on a stick

Munching on a torus

Geram (excessive attack? I can't really translate "geram") the remote

Smiles for Papa

She had a lunch break (I believe it was chicken/rice, sweet potatoes, and mango?)

Waiting patiently in her high chair


Applauding the lunch as well as herself for eating it all

Then she stayed in the high chair and amused us:

Irresistible eyes

Propping a leg up, gangster-like

Geram again!

She also had plenty of floor play-time:

Busy playing

Rolling around is fun!

How do I turn Mama off?

I challenge you, Mama, to a lightsabre duel! Come closer so I can smack you with a glove!

And then a spot of dinner:

Nyam nyam nyam

Plummy mouth

Give me back the dirty washcloth!

And her eye did get better as the day progressed:

More communing with the sea creatures

Waiting for Jeopardy! commercial break to be over

After Jeopardy! it was time for bed. Another action-packed day! (We have noticed that Allie seems to be fascinated by Jeopardy! and always turns her head to watch Alex Trebek.) At her 9-month appointment, Allie was measured and weighed (average for both height and weight), and her teeth still have not quite broken through her gums. She howled when the doctor did not hold her longer, and also got eyedrops for the infected bottom of the right eye (all cleared up now, pretty much). It's been another fun month, and we look forward to the future where Allie will no doubt develop more quirks and whatnot. 

Happy 9-month birthday, baby! And to close this entry, a picture I love that was taken a few days before the actual 9-month birthday

Outdoors and pensive

P.S. - If anyone can suggest an animal that starts with "F" in Malay, that would be awesome. I seem to have come up empty...

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kak sila…the 3rd pic, yaya looks like u..hihihihi….so cute…:-)

cik'da - 30-04-’09 13:52

Cik Da is right. That third pic looks like one of your baby photos.

Hisham (Email ) (URL) - 30-04-’09 14:56

hmm.. can’t think of any animal that starts with an F in Malay la.. funny isnt it. think we use lots of P’s for that. hehheheh. happy bday dear! another 3 months and you’ll earn yourself a cake!

nina - 30-04-’09 17:08

apparently everyone’s on mission to find animal with “f” in malay? :p

yay i’ll be seeing allie soon enough :D

Lil (Email ) (URL) - 30-04-’09 18:04

Wow.. she resembles you a lot. Don’t know how you look like when you were a baby, but she has your air muka. They grow up so fast. I can no longer cradle my kids in my arms. I miss the moments when they are small and adorable. Enjoy moments with Allie.

eliza - 30-04-’09 23:14

oh, Allie babe, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!
(esp whacking your Mama)

Hope your eye is better and looking forward to #1 birthday

selena (URL) - 02-05-’09 03:55
yati comel

animals start with F in malay.. ok here you are… FUCING, FARIMAU, FAJAH, FINGA, FUSA.. and many more…trying so hard to send allie the baju kurung.. (kes malas nak g pjabat pos!)

yati comel - 03-05-’09 12:05

Hi Siwa. Anak kau so cute and what besau eyes!!
Especially like the navigator / monocle pix :-)
AUnty Mel is in awe by your very colourful gadgets and gizmos, i like ‘em colours, i do.. :-)
Happy 9th month birthday Yaya Baby.
Ye lah Sila, am also surprised that babies can be so fascinatingly entertaining.

mewat (Email ) - 06-05-’09 11:29

Itu haiwan hor, panggil je la fish. i really google for you but looks like wikipeadia pun tarak.

Hijackqueen (Email ) (URL) - 06-05-’09 11:39

I believe the problem lies with Malays’ historical penchant for allow P to overwhelm the use of F in words. For example, names like Fairuz and Fauzi is turned into Pairuz and Pauzi. Therefore, you’d be hard-pressed to find any native Malay animal which starts with F.

Hisham (Email ) (URL) - 06-05-’09 13:38
chris c

Yeah, allie is looking more like u sila. Dun get jeles ya Vin,heehee…

chris c - 08-05-’09 09:56

cik da & yope: you know i thought yaya looked like yope’s baby pics in that one! also thanks for the F explanation…

nina: aha! the 1st birthday cake… bit of a dilemma but stay tuned!

lil: can’t wait for you to meet allie in person! wheeeeee!

wisard: i am trying to hold on to every moment, but still allie is growing so fast!

selena: allie’s eye is much better thank you. we’re looking forward to her 1st birthday too.. heheh

onyang yati: thanks for all the FADANGAN. hhehehe pejabat pos memang i always procrastinate too

mewat: yaya thanks auntie mel for the nice compliments, she says she also loves all her gadgets n gizmos n such. hehe and yaya’s mama is just constantly amazed at how much she enjoys baby yaya’s company.

HQ: itu la, i give up on the haiwan f. memang don’t have lah..

chris c: muahahaha! finally!! hehehe :-)

sila - 11-05-’09 05:08

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