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Glossary of Duckpocalypse

Posted by Hisham
Saturday 20 February 2010 at 10:05 pm.
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I once wrote of my plans for writing a role-playing game.

I've been really writing it, in an attempt to fill it to the brim with the campaign setting, the bestiary, the rules - along with some setting-specific plug-ins and a whole bunch of neat stuff. The editing and artwork are still a long way to go, but would you want to game in a setting world which is coloured by the following glossary?

The Glossary of Duckpocalypse

This is a list of common slang words used by the English-speaking survivors of Duckpocalypse. Slangs in other languages are also used widespread, but are not included here.

Alphas - Captains of Duckhunter teams
Anatids - Ducks
Angels - Duckhunters affected by positive Gutierrez-Spears Mutation
Ayles - Aylesbury Ducks
Balis - Bali Ducks
Base Camps - Encampments
Big Birds - Muscovy Ducks
Big Dogs - Captains of Duckhunter teams
Birdwatchers - Ornithologists, usually active in post-Duckpocalypse research
Blues - Blue Ducks
Bombers - Female Black-bellied Whistling Ducks with egg
Bouncers - Harlequin Ducks
Calls - Call Ducks
Cutters - Crested Ducks, mainly used by Americans
Demons - Duckhunters affected by negative Gutierrez-Spears Mutation
Doormen - Common Mergansers
Dragons - Call Ducks
Duckpocalypse - The exact time ducks changed, post- suffix for after and pre-suffix for before
Elmers - Duckhunters
Fakers - Mandarin Ducks
Fixers - Ducktech Engineers
Furies - Worshippers of the cartoon character Dudley Drake
Gansers - Common Mergansers
Ghosts - Aylesbury Ducks
Giants - Muscovy Ducks
Goblins - Duckhunters affected by negative Gutierrez-Spears Mutation
Grapevine - Communication officer of an encampment
Harleys - Harlequin Ducks, mainly used by Australians
Helltowns - Duck hives
Honchos - Captains of Duckhunter teams, a contraction of head honcho
Houngans - Paradise Shelducks
Hunter Killers - Mallards. They kill Duckhunters.
Judas - A member of the Brotherhood of the Quacks, sometimes used for any duck worshipping human cultist
Judas Priests - High priests of the Brotherhood of the Quacks
Khakis - Khaki Campbells
Logans - Aylesbury Ducks
Lord or Lady Mayor - Leader of an encampment
Meteors - Khaki Campbells
Proles - Survivors that are not Elmers, Birdwatchers, Lord Mayors, Grapevines or Fixers
Puppeteers - Ringed Teals
Puppets - Humans under the mental control of Ringed Teals
Pushers - Magpie Ducks
Rambos - Mallards
Red Zones - Areas used by Mallards as hunting grounds
Relaxers - Worshippers of the cartoon character Dexter Duck
Screamers - Blue Ducks
Squaddies - Duckhunters who belong to a team
Shooters - Red-crested Pochard
Slicers - Crested Ducks
Solos - Duckhunters who work with no one else but himself
Spitters - Bali Ducks
Spoonbenders - Magpie Ducks
Stompers - Muscovy Ducks
Suicide Slums - Duck Hives
Townies - Survivors who made an encampment his home
Weirdos - Duckhunters who work with no one else but himself
Whistlers - Black-bellied Whistling Ducks
White Trash - Aylesbury Ducks
Zappers - Long-Tail Ducks
Zombies - Humans bitten and killed by Paradise Shelducks


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