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Pangkor with Jenn

Posted by sila
Saturday 18 September 2010 at 11:00 pm.
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After a decade away, I finally made it back to Pangkor. And this time, I got to share the experience with Vin, Allie and Jenn, Vin's cousin who is teaching English in Jakarta. Jenn hopped over to visit us for a few days in Sitiawan, arriving after Hisham and his family returned to Kuala Lumpur and the Tenth Floor. Abah helped me book two chalets at the Puteri Bayu Resort on Pangkor. Unfortunately, Abah and Mak had other commitments and could not come with us.

Pantai Pasir Bogak

We left on Friday afternoon, September 17th. Abah dropped us off at Lumut, and it was pouring rain. We bought our tickets, waited a little, before we got on the ferry.

Ferry looks like a train, no?

The ferry to Pangkor has certainly come a long way! It used to be more open air, less organized, and certainly not air-conditioned. Plus instead of taking 30-40 minutes to putt-putt over to Pangkor, this ferry zoomed there in 20 minutes! Yaya was very excited to be in the ferry.

Big eyed with wonder
She loved looking out the window onto the water

We taxied from the jetty in Pangkor to our hotel, and it was still raining at this time. Here are Jenn, Vin and Yaya at the lobby of the hotel

Running down the ramp

We also saw a long-lost old friend of mine, your friendly neighborhood hornbill, flying around wild and free.

Burung enggang

We went to check out our rooms (side by side/adjoining chalets) and then had a late lunch at the restaurant.

Jenn in our room
Jenn and Vin and our drinks

Yaya was so sleepy at lunch she practically fell asleep in her high chair, so Vin took her to the room to try for a nap. Meanwhile, Jenn and I headed off for supplies (drinks, snacks, sunblock, and for Yaya, beach toys!). Plus, the rain stopped and the sun came out!

Jenn by the fountain in front of our hotel

When we returned, Yaya had not fallen back to sleep. So we decided it was time to hit the beach. No use burning daylight! Yaya was a natural beach baby - she exhibited no fear of the water or the waves, and loved to play in the surf. She very much enjoyed her bucket, watering can, spade and other plastic beach toys.

Cool cat beach bum baby
Obsessing with her watering can while Jenn holds her in the water
Waiting for the surf to smoosh her
Papa waits watchfully

Since she was kind of fearless, we had to be extra careful. At one point, she even got dragged into the deeper water as she played on the edge of the surf. She went completely underwater before I could grab her. She came out laughing! I thought she would perhaps be more wary and even a little afraid of the water after that, but nope! She laughed and kept playing.

Filling the bucket with sand
Swimming with Mama
Cloudy but gorgeous afternoon

We stayed on the beach until almost sunset, then went back to our chalet to shower and relax. Yaya fell asleep right away, so Jenn and I got some take out seafood at a nearby restaurant for dinner. The next morning was gorgeous - sunny and beautiful. The hornbills were around while we ate breakfast (complimentary buffet breakfast, yes!).

Feeding time for hornbills

And then, we went back to the beach, post-haste!

Papa chasing after Yaya
Mermaid Jenn
Yaya swims with Papa
Walking on the beach with her watering can
Mari main pasir! (Let's play with sand!)

The sun beat down on us, so we moved to a shadier spot. We could play in the water in the shade! Woohooo!

Yaya frolics under Papa's watchful eye

Before we knew it, it was nearing noon and almost time to check out. So we had to say goodbye to the beautiful beach, go back to our chalet, shower, and head back to Sitiawan. Ironically, the Yaya who was fearless in the sea fussed when she had to take a shower, not wanting to get her hair wet. Weird, huh? Kids, I tell you!

Jenn in front of our chalet

We had the entire building, which is divided up into two separate (but adjoining) rooms. The front desk called for a taxi to the jetty and we all got in.

No car seat for Yaya! First time ever! But it was a VERY short ride to the Pangkor jetty
Contented after the beach vacation

We ferried back to Lumut, and Abah picked us up at the jetty. Yaya slept the entire journey on the ferry. When we got back home, it was time to go to Mak Long's youngest daughter's wedding. Yaya was too sleepy and grumpy to go so Vin stayed home with her and Jenn and I went with Mak to Sematang.

Me and Jenn and the happy couple

After the wedding, we took some more pictures since Jenn was in a baju kurung.

Jenn, Mak and me

It was a fun 24-hour vacation, and thanks for coming to see us, Jenn! Next trip, I propose a family vacation - Hisham's family, our parents, and Vin, Yaya and I - can you imagine us all having a ball in Pangkor? If Jenn is still in Asia, maybe she can come and join us again! That would be perfect! In any case, all I can do now is dream of the beach. I'll make it back to Pangkor again, and hopefully it won't be a decade later.

I feel homesick for Pangkor already

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