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Irfan Takes A Train To The Mall

Posted by Hisham
Thursday 02 June 2011 at 12:00 am.
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One activity Irfan and I did this school holiday was to take the Light Rail Transit (LRT), the city-wide train network. He rarely gets to ride on it, since we drive everywhere which is sometimes cheaper depending on the situation. So we thought we'd go to the Mall.

We set forth to the station after lunch and soon train came along.

It's a train station!
This reminds me of that scene in Top Secret!
Arrival at PWTC station

The Mall is a mall that is named "The Mall". It's like a boy who's named "The Boy", or a building that's named "The Building".

The Parkson department store used to have a good bookstore up at the second floor. I used to browse there while waiting for the intercity bus. (The Putra Bus Station is just across the street.)

We went to pick up some art supplies at the Big Bookstore, where Irfan bought this book:

The spoilerific story of Sentinel Prime

Later, we went to the Parkson's toy section to check out the new stuff they had. Irfan saw more Transformers: Dark of the Moon merchandise.

Prime, it's rude to point

Soon after, we were surrounded by boatloads of bounty hunter, such as young Boba Fett here:

Starring Daniel Logan

Then, there's the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane and one of the IG-86 assassin droids.

He is the man with no name - CAD BANE!

The fishlike Patrolian bounty hunter Robonino appeared to be paired with a commando droid - who was probably stolen and had been repurposed for hunting.

Robonino was good enough to have caugh Anakin with his guard down and stunned him

Of course, on the good guys' side is the Kyuzo hunter from Phatrong: Embo, with his awesome, lethal hat! 

When Embo the Kyuzo throws his mighty hat!

Irfan then found something made of the mystical uru metal. But it felt like plastic.

To me, Mjolnir!

Then we spotted the Unicorn Pony named Rarity. Press down on her saddle and her horn glows. Rarity's Savage World stats are:

  • Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d4
  • Skills: Courage d4, Crafting (Sewing) d8, Grace d8, Intuition d4, Knowledge (Fashion) d6, Knowledge (Magic) d4, Manners d4, Speech d6, Vogue d8
  • Charisma: +3
  • Pace: 8 Evade: 2 Toughness: 4 Willpower: 4

For the rest of her stats and more, download the homebrewed PDF here.

It appears that after he was shot in the face by Optimus Prime in the previous film, Megatron now wears a cloak to hide it. Or maybe he just came to the realisation that he was ugly.

And no, we didn't buy any toys that day.

Kiasu robot! Prime transforms into a truck, so he wants to as well...

After the Mall, we got back into the LRT and went to the farthest station along the line and back again while waiting for Ain to get off work so we could go home together. There was hardly anyone aboard the train since it was off peak hours. This allowed Irfan the freedom to run around and do his thing.

Heading back from Seri Petaling Station

Then, the camera battery died. Oh well. But we got home fine.

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