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  • Stargate Atlantis on TV2 tonight
    Stargate Atlantis is on TV2 Thurdsay nights at 9.00 pm. It started 2 weeks ago with the two-part pilot episode "The Rising". Score one for sci-fi television on Malaysian T
  • JLU Avatars
    It's cartoon avatar month on ACS Sitiawan Forums . My current favourite animated series now is Justice League Unlimited. So here are some JLU avatars for anyone's use. No
  • Battle of Yavin Avatars
    Upon some free time, I've cooked up some more avatars. This time they're all the X-Wing pilots during the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars Episode IV- A New Hope . Nothing spe
  • What? More Star Wars Avatars?
    Here are a bunch of Luke Skywalker avatars from Empire Strikes Back . And now for a group of avatars which might be known as "Women in the Prequel Trilogy", or something t
  • More ROTS Avatars
    Here are more spoilerific 80 by 80 avatars for anyone to loot and plunder. Some Obi-Wan, Yoda and Palaptine pictures here. No Jar-Jar, sorry. Have fun with them. Only use
  • Revenge of the Sith Avatars
    Here are a bunch of 80 px by 80 px avatars I made from Revenge of the Sith images from all over the net. A couple of them might be considered SPOILERS, so preceed with cau

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