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  • A Package from DwD Studios
    Copies of roleplaying game books arrived today from DwD Studios , sent by Bill Logan!  As has been documented on the blog before, I've played BareBones Fantasy with Irfan
  • BareBones Fantasy: The First GM Session
    Earlier this week, Irfan gamemastered his first RPG session with his friend at his friend's house. He had took my printed out copy of BareBones Fantasy , created his own p
  • BareBones Fantasy: Over The Hills and Far Away
    Some time ago, I ran BareBones Fantasy RPG for Irfan. The campaign is set in the default setting: the Keranak Kingdoms! Late afternoon yesterday, we continued the game wit
  • BareBones Covert Ops Map
    Here's a thumbnail of a map I drew for DwD Studios ' BareBones Covert Ops RPG. Ultimately S.E.C.T.O.R. base locations will populate this chart. What is S.E.C.T.O.R., you a
  • BareBones Covert Ops: Rogue's Gallery
    What sort of enemies can you populate your BareBones Covert Ops campaign? What would you model your enemy organisation on? SPECTRE ? SMERSH ? HYDRA ? Cobra ? Here's a visu
  • BareBones Fantasy: The TableTop Day Session
    For International TableTop Day , I thought I'd run another a continuation of BareBones Fantasy RPG campaign for Irfan. Thus, Irfan's Jake Hastur the halfling wizard and my
  • Things To Do In BareBones Covert Ops
    Here are more interior artwork for DwD Studios 's upcoming BareBones Covert Ops RPG. Covert Ops allow players to be part of a crack covert team of agents - military or civ
  • BareBones Covert Ops Archetypes
    The hardworking guys over at DwD Studios are developing their own espionage, counter-intelligence and paramilitary game using its BareBones roleplaying system. Here are th
  • BareBones Fantasy: The First Quest
    The night before we headed home to Kuala Lumpur from Pasir Mas, Irfan and I decided to try out the BareBones Fantasy RPG . BareBones Fantasy (BBF) is a simple - but intrin
  • BareBones Experiment Artwork
    DWD Studios came up with a great project suggestion. Somewhat like Wicked North Games' Azamar: The Paradise Fragment project, I was to create a cover and six interior blac
  • Bare Bones Cover Process
    The Bare Bones Game System   published by   DwD Studios  - the  rules-lite, role-playing game featured in the previous post - also required a cover art. I was commissioned
  • Bare Bones
    The Bare Bones Game System - to be published by DwD Studios - is a rules-lite, multi-genre role-playing game formatted onto playing card-sized cards. Here are artwork for

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