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  • Atok and Opah's April Visit
    Atok and Opah visited us in Perlis once more, this time to help ensure all went well during the my last ever semester final examinations. If I make it through this, then I
  • Scenic Silver Springs
    While we were in Ocala, Florida on a work trip, the local colleagues recommended that we visit Silver Springs , Florida and try out the glass bottom boats. So that is what
  • Irfan Gets a Dendrobium
    Atok and Opah came to visit for a better part of the week to see Irfan's first official day in school. They also spent some time with Irfan, visiting some sights in the ar
  • Opah's Orchids
    It's the school holidays! So we headed back to Sitiawan to spend time with Irfan's Atok and Opah. When we arrived, some orchids hanging at Irfan's grandparents' garden ove

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