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  • The Haze Reaches North
    The haze has crept up and enveloped the entire northern region of the country. The last couple of days has been abysmal. Visibility range has been lowered to about 200 met
  • Murky Depths of the Haze
    It's been some time since I mentioned the haze on this blog. The last time I did it was 10 years ago. In any case, the haze has returned as it is wont to do year upon year
  • Haze: Returning With a Vengeance
    One of the things I hate most about living here is the periodic invasion of unhealthy particulates that floods (and I mean floods) the entire region, known in local jargon
  • Haze of February 2005
    Kuala Lumpur, and most of Malaysia in fact, were wracked by this local regular event known as the haze. Caused by rampant jungle blazes from local and / or neighborly sour

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