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  • Pacific Rim Heroclix Battle
    Ivan and Kai of the GOKL gaming group dropped by to visit us for Aidilfitri. The Aidilfitri visit is of course an excuse for some gaming shenanigans. Once upon a time - ab
  • Gamera Moves Into Town!
    And there goes the neighbourhood in Pandan Indah. Well, not really. Recently, I had Irfan's Gamera toy with me in the car, so wherever I drive and I find a photo opportuni
  • Gamera Tears Up The Living Room
    ... or at the very least, it wishes it could. As previously mentioned Irfan seems to have taken a shine to Gamera , the giant monster turtle with awesome powers! I was loo
  • Gamera vs. Godzilla
    800th blog post! Irfan's been on a daikaiju kick lately. Checking out all the monster throwdowns on Youtube, he's decided that giant, flying, bipedal sabre-toothed tortois

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