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  • Patreon: Troops on the Ground
    The latest Patreon paper miniatures were released hours before August arrived, but I forgot to feature them here on the blog. So here are the Troops on the Ground series o
  • Patreon Commission: Enigma Corps
    In the past two month or so I was commissioned by Edward MacGregor to create several batches of paperminis for his Enigma Corps campaign. Enigma Corps is an uchronic diese
  • Patreon: City Detectives
    We return to the modern age with a new batch of tabletop RPG paper miniatures: law enforcement agents! Usable with any investigative or espionage settings, like Delta Gree
  • Patreon: Intrepid Mechanoids
    Here is the 14th batch of RPG paper miniatures I created and released at my Patreon page. Call them mechanoids, drones, droids, bots, synths... they are useable for any sc
  • Patreon: The Uplifts of Space
    Returning to the themes of transhumanism for the Hishgraphics paper miniature releases on Patreon, here are some uplifted animals to be used in your campaign. There are tw
  • Patreon: Human Adventurers
    I have uploaded a pair of new paper miniature releases for Patreon, but forgot to announce it here. So here are the two sets of freely downloadable PDFs usable as player c
  • Patreon: Black Ops Spies
    The 10th batch of paper miniatures for use with tabletop role-playing games has been released on my Patreon page. Again, use these for any spy games from Top Secret S.I. t
  • Patreon: High Society Spies!
    My latest Hishgraphics Patreon Papermini set has been released ! Download the PDF files at the link above for use in espionage tabletop role-playing games, from Night's Bl
  • Patreon: Transhuman Heroes 1
    In a transhuman or posthuman setting, you are able to enhance your body and your mind with cybernetics or nootropics, or you could discard your body and drive a totally di
  • Patreon: Lovecraftian Investigators 3
    Lovecraftian / 1920s Pulp Investigators paperminis have been released on Patreon! For this batch, I drew six new artwork, namely: the Actress , the Game Hunter , the Profe
  • Patreon: Lovecraftian Investigators 2
    New Lovecraftian / 1920s Pulp Investigators paperminis have been released on Patreon! For this batch, I drew and setup a range of characters on the pdf, namely: the Librar
  • Patreon: Lovecraftian Investigators
    Latest Patreon papermini release from Hishgraphics Papermini Patreon ! Lovecraftian / pulp investigators from the 1920s! All prepared to lose their marbles upon investigat
  • Dwarves: Patreon Paperminis
    Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! The second batch of paper miniatures for the Patreon campaign has been released for patrons. Six flavours of Dwarven characters for your fant
  • Assembling the Patreon Paperminis
    Here's a quick tutorial on what to do with the paperminis once you've downloaded them from the Hishgraphics Papermini Patreon page and printed them out. My free paperminis
  • Hishgraphics Paperminis Patreon
    I am happy to announce that the Hishgraphics Paperminis Patreon site has been live since Friday. Since I've been creating Star Wars paperminis and putting them on this blo
  • Paper Minis: GONK!
      GONK! Download the Veril Line Systems' EG-4 and EG-6 power droids paper miniatures for your Star Wars Role-Playing Game campaign! GONK! GONK! GONK! Speaking of paper min

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