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Uncanny X-Men 159: Cornered
Hall of Justice Diorama at Earth 638
A Mini Comic Con in KL
Revisit: The Vacation is Over
39 Months
Void Vultures Scribblings
D6 Magazine: Down Below Redux
Dark Times in Brighton
Boy or girl? Hehe.. 27 week pics
A Little Mermaid of Some Sort
D6 Magazine: Down Below
Return of the Fart Zombie

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sila (Some Goblin Dude): i think he thinks it’s easy being green. he looks p…
Hisham (Some Goblin Dude): He might have onset of psoriasis.
Kai (Some Goblin Dude): Hi, you look kind of green. Are you okay?
chris c (55 Months): Lovely pics Sila, n thx for sharing.
Lil (Yaya and Adik's S…): wheee snowman! but i’m with you, i have enough snow…
Hisham (Yaya and Adik's S…):
Lil (Rafe's 14 Month B…): is it me or does adik has a lot less hair than yaya…
Hisham (Rafe's 14 Month B…): Lilykat seems to be having a lot of fun with them!
Hisham (Night's Black Age…): I have to stress that all the others were full of a…
Hisham (Night's Black Age…): That’s right. But the guilt must have fogged my mem…


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Welcome to Hishgraphics, where the brother and sister team of Hisham and Sila blogs from opposite sides of this slimy mudhole. They share their thoughts, recent happenings, photos (and some art) which most probably be of little interest to anyone but close family and friends. This blog was created using the Open Source CMS known as Pivot.

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Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindUncanny X-Men 159: Cornered

X-Men meets Dracula (THE Dracula)

Cornered blog's event this week is CORNERED FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! My contribution is Uncanny X-Men #159 where the X-Men meets not just any vampire, but Dracula himself, who finds himself enamoured by Storm! Vampire hunting hijinks ensues. My entry can be found here.

I'd drawn another picture using inkbrush, but then I scrapped it on account of Storm's grimace being too ugly - so I whipped up another one with a pen quickly. No human, mutant nor vampire (or any combination mix thereof) should look so hideous.

Also I think I got the headpiece arms wrong. They should be turning outward, not inward.

Keywords: artwork,comics,cornered,x_men

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindHall of Justice Diorama at Earth 638

During the Comics Are Cool event as reported in the previous entry, I noticed that there was an epic assembly of heroes in a Hall of Justice diorama, consisting of characters from the DC Animated Universe, and mostly from Justice League Unlimited. It was locate on a shelf high up on the wall, so I had to shoot with the camera phone held high. Here are three photos that makes the grade, more or less.

Enjoy the photos:

Green Lantern Corps include Arkkis Chummuck, John, Kilowog, Kyle and Tomar-Re

Not Superman's day today

Notable figures include the Justice Lords' Superman, Martian Manhunter and John Stewart

Keywords: comics,superman,toys

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindA Mini Comic Con in KL

Last Saturday, Earth 638 the comic shop located at Kelana Mall - in colaboration with Banshee Creative held COMICS ARE COOL, the first unofficial mini comic convention. From 4pm to 9pm, visitors came to the store to buy comics and meet creators. Local indie publishers also sold their comics and signed their work. There was also a line where artists drew sketches for visitors.

Below, Sheldon Goh draws!

with his honour guard, one of the twins, standing by for combat

Tan Eng Huat sketches Thor on the big collaborative card thing!

Recently, he worked on Marvel's Annihilators

Artists' Alley (or perhaps Artists' Nook would be more precise) is just bustling with all the participating comic professionals before visitors form a line for signing and sketches. Among the guests for the day were Sheldon Goh, Tan Eng Huat, Lefty Julian, Alan Quah, Yazid and Muhamad Azhar. Even Reggie Lee dropped by in the evening.

(Read more at your own risk)

Keywords: comics,earth_638,family_outings,friends

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindRevisit: The Vacation is Over

After half a day of house cleaning, I discovered a long lost stash of old artwork. So I thought I'd post some of them on the blog and link to their final versions elsewhere (or on this blog itself if available.)

Here are pencils for the artwork for "The Vacation Is Over" piece for the SWAG Member Theme Art Contest from 2006.

... and they lived happily ever after.

Click here for the original blog post featuring the final artwork, which includes sparks.

Keywords: artwork,star_wars,swag

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some Kind39 Months

At 39 months, Yaya is now becoming aware of the seasons changing - the need to wear jackets to go outside, the leaves on the trees turning color and falling off the branches, etc. It's amazing since last year she really didn't pay that much attention to these changes. Here she is playing in the leaves. She liked to throw it around and jump around in it, but eventually she did help Papa bag these autumn leaves.

Throwing leaves around

(Read more at your own risk)

Keywords: alya,birthday

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindVoid Vultures Scribblings

Void Vultures is a role-playing game by Josh Roby and Ryan Macklin where players take the roles of space derelict retrieval personnel - salvage experts, so to speak. Space is littered with dead, derelict starships and space stations and players will have to salvage them.

However, it's no easy task since the old derelicts might have perils such as alien creature infestation, mutant beserkers, cyborg lunatics and heavily armed rival salvage teams!

To read more about Void Vultures, check out their Kickstarter page here! And here's an awesome illustration of frickin' space sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads by fellow art conspirator Ed Heil.

Check out my three art contributions to the Void Vultures RPG by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Scavengers security check upon returning to base

Its dentist bill wipes it out every time

Blow up cyborg priests and goats as you explore space derelicts

(Read more at your own risk)

Keywords: artwork,kallisti_press,kickstarter,rpg,void_vultures

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindD6 Magazine: Down Below Redux

So, anyway... under the sea, I take it that it's better down where it's wetter; and also where they devote full time to floating. However, the sturgeon and the ray do not get the urge and start to play in the adventure Down Below in the upcoming Halloween issue of D6 Magazine! Gamemasters and players of OpenD6 system of role-playing games take note!

Something horrific is awaiting players who will have to eventually board the deep sea station in the illustration I did:

Benthic what?

For the previous illustrations I did for the adventure and hints to what players will encounter in Down Below, please click here to view them in a previous blog post.

Keywords: artwork,d6_magazine,rpg

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindDark Times in Brighton

Recently DWD Studios commissioned two black and white artwork for their Labyrinth Lord-compatible RPG product Dark Times in Brighton, an adventure for 1st - 2nd Level characters.

The first is a goblin throne room with the adventuring party sneaking upon the host behind pillars and stuff. Click on the thumb below to view it.

The second is the same adventuring party having a party while adventuring with carion crawlers. No not really, the crawlers are trying to eat them.

They crawl on dead carrion meat... they eat live adventurers.

What's that decanter doing in the background with the well? Get the book to find out!

Keywords: artwork,dwd_studios,labyrinth_lord,rpg

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindBoy or girl? Hehe.. 27 week pics

Yes, indeed, Yaya's Adik is a boy, inshallah. Here is a of picture of his face from the 27 week ultrasound we just had on Thursday, 6 October 2011.

Is Adik smiling or frowning?

His weight is now an estimated 2 lb 11 ounces (little over 1 kg) which is average for his age, and his thighbone apparently measured longer than average. Surprise, yeah? :-) 12 more weeks before we meet him in person, people!

I repeat my wonderment at the pot-bellied people of the world. How do you sleep? Because I for one am very uncomfortable. This time around I am experiencing some pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms (yes arms, not just wrists) which is a bummer. But otherwise, we're all doing well.

Adik seems to be more physically active in utero than Yaya was at this same age, and earlier. His favorite hobbies are dancing on my bladder, kicking me in the ribs, and keeping me up at nights. The fun has already begun. ;-)

Keywords: pregnancy

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindA Little Mermaid of Some Sort

Another Art Jammers art jam was deigned to be about us artists jamming art on characters from one universe jammed into another universe.

I thought perhaps some people would find it gratifying to see Disney's The Little Mermaid transposed into the ending of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid.

Happily ever after? NO, NOT YOURS!

NOW she's part of the world...

Keywords: art_jammers,artwork

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindD6 Magazine: Down Below

Halloween, being a permanent fixture to the month of October, has inspired the upcoming issue of D6 Magazine to have horror-themed articles. The third issue of the online magazine continues to deliver articles, adventures and interviews for the Open D6 gaming community.

Here is a sneak peek to illustrations I did for a horror adventure set deep under the sea, entitled Down Below.

No Sean Connery in sight

Don't split the party, you imbeciles

Help me! I just had a bad shaving accident!

You'd never think of looking at real estate down the Mariana Trench

Yes! That's a baby dumbo octopus in the bottom illustration there. Watch out for the third issue of D6 Magazine due to be released at the end of the month.

Keywords: artwork,d6_magazine,rpg

Archive | PermalinkA Bullet Of Some KindReturn of the Fart Zombie

Sit on it!

Fart zombies are back, thanks to my joining of the Art Jammers group on Facebook. Last week, the theme was the undead.

Seriously... who really knows what vile gases are being produced by the innards of a shambling, undead being.

Keywords: art_jammers,artwork,fart_zombie,funny