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A Time of Reunion

Posted by Hisham
Saturday 19 May 2007 at 10:41 pm.
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We don't get together that much these days, but when we do the survivors of the ACS Sitiawan, SPM 1990 batch, create one hell of a ruckus when we sit around the table talking about... well, anything that comes to mind. Earlier tonight, a bunch of them fell upon the Tenth Floor for a gathering and of course, to eat. There was also talk about peeing or hocking a loogie onto passers-by or the swimming pool below from the window and/or balcony.

However, some sort of decorum was maintained since there were kids in the room.

Apart from our household, the roll call included: Teik Sing (with Michelle and Baby Ashley-Joan), Shahar, Tern Lik, Nguk Lui, Alvin and family, Hudson and Kok Soon.

Ain cooked two variations of bihun goreng, both of which were tasty. Teik Sing bought appetizers and desert, Shahar bought some kuih, Hudson brought chips and Kok Soon, who arrived last, brought a barrel of KFC.

Highlights of the night includes: bunch of belly laughs, computer tech talk with Shahar and Teik Sing, talking about getting in shape ("Round... is also a shape!"), going through The Album looking at faces and asking "Where is this guy now?", more belly laughs, trying to figure out how Hudson gets an monumental amount of information from tabloids, Kok Soon getting drunk on orange juice, Hudson trying to get singer Camelia's phone number out of Nguk Lui, a couple more belly laughs and some talk of backup singing and breaking and entering Mei Lin's house next month.

The dinner also doubled as a farewell dinner for Teik Sing since he'll be leaving for Australia for a new job in the next month or so.

Mouseover the images for some more text.

The assembling of the food
The assembling of the food eaters
Teik Sing, Michelle and Ashley, with us sans Irfan
The first round of eatings begins - Michelle, Teik Sing and Shahar talking about what's new
Irfan offers his toys to Ashley, who can't really do much at 3 months of age
Irfan making friends with Ashley
Ain talks with Alvin's wife and Nguk Lui as Emma looks on
Kok Soon arrives sweaty from his tennis with his KFC barrel
Irfan and Alvin's son looks at Tern Lik and Nguk Lui looking at The Album
The second round has begun - Kok Soon gets drunk on orange juice
Tonari No Totoro grabs the kids attention as the adults go nuts
Hudson chases Kok Soon to the living room for an opinion on a career as backup singer

We've also planned for our next gathering, which will be at Mei Lin's apartment. Mei, if you're reading this, there'll be a time next month or so where there'll be a horde descending upon your place. You don't have to be at home. Just make sure you got 42" plasma TV in the living room, fridge is fully stocked and tell security to ignore the noise coming from your house.

Oh, and you might need to replace your lock after that.

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