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Strikeforce Enteague: The Pioneer Team

Posted by Hisham
Sunday 09 August 2009 at 12:00 am.
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Once upon a time I had a Geocities Page, where upon I uploaded a lot of Star Wars artwork. Soon the plug will be pulled on Geocities, so a link there from here is a futile gesture. However, there are a bunch of drawings of my first ever Strikeforce Enteague campaign character for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game from back in 1989. The game started in 1989, but these drawings are from 2001 - 2002, by the way. I thought I'd upload them on here for posterity's sake. (Note: this is not every player character of that era. Someday, I'll get around to drawing everyone.)

Players, you know who you are.

...is now the Security Administrator of Theiouree

Shanna Toarinar, human bounty hunter

... is now the leader of a pirate gang.

Phoenix Avalon, human pirate and captain of the Firebird

... is now some sort of Jedi.

Ben One-Howel, human minor Jedi

... died.

Viveede Briylle Colore, human brash pilot

... really died.

Dorniekke Nels, Quarren hotdogger ace

... is - where is Akela anyway?

Akela T'sing, human laconic scout

Later additions to the pioneer team...

... is now the deputy administrator of Ginuvar

Genya Brock, human outlaw

... is probably busking somewhere.

Xepheer Xeneeth, Nagai assassin-musician

... is now the mentor to a new generation of Strikeforcers.

Ham Slacker, Twi'lek tongue-tied engineer

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