Westward RPG is a role-playing game in a steampunk western setting on an alien planet, using the Cinema6 system.

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Creature: Bloodvole
Creature: Cactus Snogger
Creature: Death Ogler
Creature: Dirt Eater
Creature: Dumbening Rat
Creature: Flabbergasser
Creature: Flailhulk
Creature: Ice Fish
Creature: Lasher
Creature: Leaping Lottie
Creature: Longstride
Creature: Ophiredoo
Creature: Shieldhorse
Creature: Sideslicer
Creature: Skreakjak
Creature: Slurdge
Creature: Snow Globber
Creature: Snowchitter
Creature: Soardid
Creature: Sparkbeast