South Park Portrait

10 December 2005 | Hisham | | Friends, Humour
Brem posted an entry which reminded me of something I posted in the ACS Sitiawan Forums last March. A Flash South Park portrait generator! Appears to be Version 2.0 now. You can access the page from Brem's link as the link in the ACS Forums now also points to the new location. Check out more pictures at Brem's page and in the ACS thread.

Here's me in March:

I broke the dam.

Family Circus Meets Cthulhu

03 December 2005 | Hisham | | Humour, Trawling The Net

Via Boing Boing, I've discovered a bunch of Family Circus comics at the Accordion Guy's blog that has H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos captions placed on it. These are very humourous if you've read Lovecraft and put them into context with the Family Circus. But there was one hilarious Family Circus comic posted anonymously in the comments section that really made me chuckle out loud. (See below.)


Roy's Finest Hour

28 November 2005 | Hisham | | Humour, Trawling The Net
Order Of The Stick
The 250th installment of the Order Of The Stick does not disappoint. I didn't see the two punchlines in the story coming at all and the impact was outstanding... Well at least for me. Check it out here.

Meanwhile in Singapore, according to Reuters via Yahoo! News, "Singapore scientists looking for ways to transmit the sense of touch over the Internet have devised a vibration jacket for chickens and are thinking about electronic children's pyjamas for cyberspace hugs."

Vibration jackets for chickens?

What what in the what, now?


26 November 2005 | Hisham | | Humour, Star Wars, Trawling The Net
As reported earlier, screen captures of an atrociously subtitled Revenge of the Sith bootleg was posted at It appears that the image of Vader screaming "Nooooooo!" in despair over the news of Padmé's death, which was subtitled "Do not want" (see image below), has taken a life of its own as an internet meme.


Yaaar! Ye Scurvy Swabs!

20 September 2005 | Hisham | | Humour
Since Sep 19th was Talk Like A Pirate Day, something annually celebrated by Star Wars Artists' Guild as long as we have been online, I'd thought I'd celebrate by retranslating this entire paragraph in pirate speak, cause you know, you can never have too much of pirate speak... especially during boardroom meetings, being rude at traffic jams and at the supermarket checkout.

Arrr, since Sep 19th was Talk Like A Pirate Day, somethin' annually celebrated by the sea dogs at Star Wars Artists' Guild as long as we've been sailin' the seven seas, I'd thought I'd celebrate by retranslatin' this entire paragraph in pirate speak, cause you know, you can ne'er have too much o' pirate speak... especially durin' boardroom raids, wavin' yon cutlass at traffic jams and at the scurvy supermarket checkout. Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

- Mad Sam Bonney
(Illustrator, SWAG)

P.S. Yaaaarrrggh!!!


The Unspeakable Cat

13 September 2005 | Hisham | | Friends, Humour

Hastur (the Unspeakable One from the depths of the Cthulhu-mythos pantheon of ancient and powerful gods bent on the destruction of the world and mass insanity of its inhabitants) has not only manifested itself as a cat... it has also started blogging.