Rafe's 12 Month (First!) Birthday

29 December 2012 | sila | | Family Pics

And now, Yaya can no longer declare that Adik is zero years old! The boy is now one! Yayyyyy!! He's pretty pleased about it, too!

What you get when you ask him to smiiiiiile

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Another Day Another Sunset

28 December 2012 | Hisham | | Recent News

All of a sudden another year ends. I can't believe we've lived here for more than a decade now. I can tell you how the skyline has changed over the years; and where on the landscape we were once able to make out traffic on the MRR2 highway. Through the changes in how the city looks, there are a few things that never seem to change: chief among it is the attitude of many drivers here. I could go on about that but I wont.

I'd like to say here's to a better 2013, but I think I'm just going to say if I do not deserve any better than perhaps I should not get it. But it gets better, I'd be grateful.

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Sol behind the clouds

A Mi-Go from a Dream

26 December 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork

Many months ago, I had a nightmare. Well, it's not as much as a nightmare as it is weird things happening in my dream in which I should be creeped out but I don't. I haven't had a proper nightmare from which I wake up feeling scared for a very long time.

I was walking home with friends at night under a bright full moon, and home was an apartment above a shoplot. You know the type, where you climb a single flight stairs to get to your door. At the door out on the sidewalk, I felt like I was being watched. I thought to pull aside the doormat. Beneath the doormat, in a hole, was a gigantic biological human-like eyeball. It tracked and was fixed on me wherever I moved. I don't remember any eyelid.

I covered up the eye with the mat and quickly locked the door behind me and headed up to the house. I locked the upstairs door and stepped back, facing it, waiting for someone or something to smash through the door. Moonlight cast my shadow on the door. Suddenly, the shadow disappeared. As did the moonlight.

I turned. And before me, climbing through the window, was this Mi-go with its wings spread out once it had space and its tentacles from its head and abdoment flailing out at me.

Then I woke up.

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A fun guy from Yuggoth

Midget Tarrasque

25 December 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Tarrasques are the most lethal creatures without a destructive breath weapon in the Dungeons and Dragons mythology. You don't need a lot, just one will do in any RPG campaign if you need a continent or two levelled.

This is either a very young tarrasque from the planet Falx (if we're playing in a Spelljammer campaign) or a midget tarrasque. In both cases, I think the city in the image will have an hour or two before it's reduced to rubble.

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There is a Lambda-class shuttle named Tarrasque in my Star Wars campaign, for reals.

53 Months

22 December 2012 | sila | | Family Pics

53 Months! Again, backdated. She's really getting close to her 54th month, but let's not go there, yes?

Mama tied a ribbon in my hair

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OSR Handbook Cover

16 December 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

Cover for Brent Newhall's upcoming OSR Handbook, which will be a guidebook of all existing Old School Renaissance games available.

Filthy orcses!

Watch this space for announcement of its release!



09 December 2012 | Hisham | | ACS Memories, Artwork

Back in secondary school, for some reason that I can't recall anymore we suddenly had this bat as our mascot so to speak. Its name, Wotsit the Confused Bat, also popped up unbidden. It was easy to doodle and we doodled it here and there and everywhere. There was an earlier design where the bat had no moth and bigger shoes, but we finally decided on this design, created by my best friend.

Here it is once again, in  a digitally painted form, for old time's sake.


Seven Random...

08 December 2012 | Hisham | | Comics, Role Playing Games

...Roleplaying games:




Just a couple of participation photos from various activities on Google+.


Across The Stars

02 December 2012 | Hisham | | Artwork, Role Playing Games

A follow up post from the earlier D'Kathi alien concept design, here are the final artwork commissioned by Christopher Mennell for his Across The Stars science fiction game setting. While it starts out looking and feeling Star Trek with a lot of analogous signature elements, it diverges in many ways and has the potential for imaginative game masters to take it into high concept science fiction.

League vs. D'kathi Empire fleet battle
League ship bridge