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  • Legendary Guardians
    On our recent return to the city , the GOKL gang gifted upon us more fun stuff: the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion set for the Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building game. S
  • A Return To the Tenth Floor
    It's the Labour Day/Wesak Day long weekend. We were unsure if we were able to travel 500 klicks plus change to the old house back on the Tenth Floor in Kuala Lumpur . We h
  • A Legendary Card Game with Marvellous Heroes
    Before we left the city, the GOKL guys gifted to us Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game . A box of cards. We tried to play it when they brought it over the last time th
  • Eclipse Phase: The Viking Funeral Undertaking
    Static. A disjoint in time, and perhaps space. Venus is a thread in another wisp of memory . I see red and grey skies over the maglev as it speeds toward the city of Ashok
  • EOTE: The Azurite City Requiem
    Modesty Blazing Episode 05: The Azurite City Requiem In this game I thought I could finish this arc of the campaign in the second session. I failed. Previously on Modesty
  • EOTE: An Ode to Backwater Politics
    Modesty Blazing Episode 04: An Ode to Backwater Politics After saving the life of the long-frozen PRINCE ZALO HAI of the GHYEL system, the crew of the MODESTY BLAZE has fo
  • Warbirds RPG: East or West, Bombs are Best
    I played for the first time in GOKL's still new Warbirds RPG campaign yesterday.   Warbirds  is a dieselpunk role-playing game where players are mercenary pilots who fly a
  • EOTE: The Prince In Carbonite
    Modesty Blazing Episode 03 - The Prince In Carbonite   Destiny Pool seems pretty good for the players. Previously, on Star Wars: Modesty Blazing ...   After disposing of t
  • EOTE: Droid-like Typing Detected
    Modesty Blazing 02 Episode 02: Droid-like Typing Detected The Zeltron pilot  Darter Kel had been detained for questioning by the authorities of Smallberries Skystation on
  • EOTE: Modesty Blazing
    Modesty Blazing Episode 01: Skyfall Note : This GOKL campaign follows the  Star Wars Edge of the Empire  Beginners Game that started with  GOKL Escapes Mos Shuuta  and con
  • Night's Black Agents: Let Slip The Ovcharkas of War
    Last time on Night's Black Agents : Jacob Novazembla ,  Nikolai Kaidanovsky , Sami Härkönen , Brendan , Shiina "Misha" Mikado and Zlatan Kljujic were finally reunited at t
  • Night's Black Agents: A Sunny Day in Pripyat
    Previously  in Bucharest, Nikolai Kaidanovsky , Sami Härkönen , Shiina "Misha" Mikado and Zlatan Kljujic were joined by the cleaner only known as Brendan . Their recent re
  • Eclipse Phase: The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
    Last time on Eclipse Phase: Clouds of a Morning Star ... Location : Sacajawea Patera caldera in Ishtar Terra , the surface of Venus. Active Gamera Security (GamSec) Person
  • Eclipse Phase: At the Bottom of the Gravity Well
    Last time on Eclipse Phase: Clouds of a Morning Star ... Location : Lucifer , Venus. Active Gamera Security (GamSec) Personnel : DANAI and Wandering Ina the infomorphs, Wi
  • Night's Black Agents: Attack On Titan
    Previously , Nikolai Kaidanovsky , Sami Härkönen , Shiina "Misha" Mikado and Zlatan Kljujic were joined by the French thief Marcel Clouseau in Bucharest who once dealt wit
  • Eclipse Phase: Thanks for the Memories
    I missed two roleplaying sessions of Eclipse Phase since the last game . Location : Aphrodite Prime , Venus. Active Gamera Security (GamSec) Personnel : DANAI and Wanderin
  • Night's Black Agents: A Romanian Rendezvous
    Previously , the Agents completed a week-long mission at Inish Medical , a multinational medical corporation that was using the haemocanis serum derived from blood of cert
  • Eclipse Phase: The Standoff at the Cumulus Hotel
    Eclipse Phase: Clouds of a Morning Star continued from the previous session . Location : Aphrodite Prime , about 50 km above Venus' surface. Active Gamera Security (GamSec
  • Night's Black Agents: The Quiet Week At Brentford
    I missed the last two Night's Black Agents RPG sessions. Since inflitrating the freighter Heimdall in the Irish Sea , Nikolai Kaidanovsky , Sami Harkonen , Shiina "Misha"
  • Doctor Who AITAS: The Flames of Salem
    Doug ran a great Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG session just in time for Halloween! Continuing the previous session Feet of Flesh, Feet of Steel ! After disc
  • Eclipse Phase: Web of the Jorōgumo
    Eclipse Phase: Clouds of a Morning Star continued from the previous session at Wira Games and Hobbies . Location : Aphrodite Prime , about 50 km above Venus' surface. Acti
  • Irfan at the Game Shop
    Earlier today, there was an Eclipse Phase game at Wira Games and Hobbies in Subang Jaya. Irfan came along for the ride. At first his plan was to buy his own set of polyhed
  • Eclipse Phase: The Great White Hunter Job
    Eclipse Phase: Clouds of a Morning Star continued from the previous session at Wira Games and Hobbies. Location : Aphrodite Prime , about 50 km above Venus' surface. Activ
  • Eclipse Phase: Machinations of a Lumpy Space Princess
    The entry title for this Eclipse Phase session report is play on the title of the game Machinations of the Space Princess from Postmortem Press. Gamera Security 's Venusia
  • Eclipse Phase: Electromatic For The People
    Last time on Eclipse Phase : Clouds of a Morning Star the team was joined by Matthew's player character Christoph de Beers from the Jovian Republic . However, there was a
  • Doctor Who AITAS: Feet of Flesh, Feet of Steel
    Doug GMed Cubicle 7 's Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG for Irfan and I for the first time and it was an enjoyable night. For Irfan this was the first time some
  • Doctor Who AITAS: Fox and Olujimi
    Irfan and I made player characters for Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG. We might be playing the characters Doctor Simon Olujimi and Max Fox soon, game mastered
  • Pacific Rim Heroclix Battle
    Ivan and Kai of the GOKL gaming group dropped by to visit us for Aidilfitri. The Aidilfitri visit is of course an excuse for some gaming shenanigans. Once upon a time - ab
  • Hokusai's New Morph
    In Eclipse Phase roleplaying game, I play the Neo-octopus Hokusai Tarnungshaut . Hokusai used to be in an uplifted octopus in an enhanced octomorph body. Used to. After hi
  • Night's Black Agents: Hipster Pirates of the Celtic Sea
    GOKL returned to playing the modern age vampire conspiracy game Night's Black Agents after a brief hiatus. Darren - Eclipse Phase 's infomorph DANAI -  joined us as a burn
  • Eclipse Phase: Moose Kipper
    Last Sunday, the Eclipse Phase group, playing the members of the Gamera Security hypercorp finished off our investigation of Cloud Nine aerostat on Venus. After their "pat
  • Eclipse Phase: A Hidden Industry
    GOKL 's Eclipse Phase "Clouds of the Morning Star" story arc ( gamemastered by Ivan ) continues from the previous session. Wandering Ina ( played by Andrew ) and DANAI ( p
  • Eclipse Phase: Blimps and Back Seat Driving
    The adventure continued on and around Venus ... even as the atmosphere outside where we played appeared to resemble Venus in texture and colour. But we're not talking abou
  • Star Wars Living Card Game and Not Dying
    Another gift from the GOKL gang, I finally started playing with Irfan the Star Wars: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games . Designed for two players, but with a future
  • Eclipse Phase: Venereal Problems
    The GOKL Eclipse Phase RPG campaign " Fastball Express " has started up again, and the uplift neo-octopus Hokusai Tarnungshaut is back in action, except he no longer has e
  • GOKL Escapes The Insurmountable Ned
    Earlier today I ran Star Wars Edge of the Empire for GOKL for the second time, using the Beginner Game truncated rules and extra stuff found on the internet. Everyone was
  • Night's Black Agents: The Eurovision Job Ends
    And thus ends the Eurovision Song Contest Job where the company investigates a white supremacist terror group in Malmö, Sweden. This arc of the game took four sessions and
  • Night's Black Agents: Zlatan's Story
    This is not a full actual play report of the recent Night's Black Agents session gamemastered by Kai, but it highlights one of the reasons why I roleplay. One of the many
  • GOKL Escapes Mos Shuuta
    I've already run Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG Beginner Game adventure for Irfan , so now I would see how it would fare with half a dozen experienced tabletop RPGers, n
  • Night's Black Agents: The Little Prince Job Ends
    The second part of Night's Black Agents game run by Kai continued two weeks later with everyone present, namely Shiina "Misha" Mikado the Japanese grifter and heavy hitter
  • EOTE: Irfan Escapes Mos Shuuta
    Edged by the Empire Episode 01 Escape From Mos Shuuta During the events of the previous blog entry, the GOKL gang also presented me with an early birthday: A Star Wars Edg
  • Night's Black Agents: The Little Prince Job
    Maulidurrasul, a national holiday, fell on a Thursday, and the GOKL guys invited me to play the new GUMSHOE system RPG Night's Black Agents . The venue was at Doug's new p
  • Small World
    Created by Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, Geek and Sundry's new biweekly TableTop web series features 30 minutes of tabletop gaming video that shows how much fun it is to pa
  • Eclipse Phase: Boom Goes The Octopus
    And that is the story of how Hokusai Tarnungshaut , my Eclipse Phase neo-octopus character, got himself resleeved in a used worker pod morph. At least he didn't go insane
  • Eclipse Phase: Sheldon-class Drone
    Here's a type of drone which we use in Eclipse Phase : the Sheldon-class drone, named after the chick Sheldon of Garfield and Friends . It's small, it's egg-sized and it h
  • Trail of Cthulhu: The Watchers In The Sky
    And so it came to pass Kai attempted to run Trail of Cthulhu role-playing game which he bought at DriveThruRPG . For a demo run, he also purchased The Watchers In the Sky
  • SWD6: The Rancid Putrefaction of a Cosmic Caterwauling Cabal
    Last Sunday, I ran a Star Wars RPG D6 game for the GOKL group. It started out as a one-shot, but who knows; the tale might continue another time. The Rancid Putrefaction o
  • Aww.. It's NOT Made of Mole Skin
      I've always bought sketchbooks they sell around here, but they're difficult to bring about and open for a quick sketch. Also, they don't have a lot of pages to draw. Las
  • A Dhohanoid Dolphin
    Cthulhutech is a role-playing game that combines elements from the Cthulhu Mythos with a bit of Macross and Neon Genesis Evangelion ; a post-apocalyptic, cosmic horror wit
  • The Fastball Express Gang
    The Eclipse Phase RPG campaign I've been gaming in, gamemastered by Ivan, has been real fun. The posthuman campaign involves the players as "pre-emptive retrieval speciali
  • Drawing from After the Fall
    Eclipse Phase was on today. I played Hokusai Tarnungshaut the uplifted octopus once again. As we played, I sketched the final scenario as we played it. Here we were, Bisho
  • A Penny Dreadful
    ... is a penny earned. Or something. Here is an image of a penny dreadful cover I made based on the three characters in the previous entry's Doctor Who RPG game that chose
  • Adventures In Time, Space and Victorian London
    On Sunday I played in Cubicle 7's Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space role-playing game. Usually Doug GMs, but Kai guest-GMed the game I was in. Kai deliberately GMed
  • In My Garden, In The Shade
    My player character in Eclipse Phase is named Hokusai Tarnungshaut . He is an octopus. Specifically, he is a North Pacific Giant Octopus with an uplifted human-like intell
  • A Robot Rescue - Bad Example, Episode 4
    Last Sunday, the GOKL gang continued the role-playing adventures of Star Wars: A Bad Example in the Spacelanes . Two new players, Nigel of Singapore who played Bob the Woo
  • Pirate Politics - Bad Example, Episode 3
    About six months ago, I ran the third Star Wars D6 game with the GOKL crew, which continued from Episode 2 . But I was a bad GM then and did not take notes (mentally and o
  • Whatever Happened to Ahmir Sektioui?
    So, in part two of the Eclipse Phase quickstart demo scenario , Ahmir discovers that his knowledge on Mars - or anywhere other than the Outer Planers, the Kuiper Belt and
  • I Rolled an 99 and Lived
    Sunday was gaming day with GOKL and this time Ivan ran Eclipse Phase , the science fiction role-playing game with intriguing and extensive post-singularity and transhumani
  • A Dwarf, An Elf and a Human Walk Into Mage Cafe
    This afternoon I had the pleasure of gaming at Mage Cafe with the GOKL gang. Ivan was gamemastering Warhammer Fantasty Role Playing 3rd Edition, using the introductory adv
  • A Bad Example Of A Group Portrait
    Here is a picture of the crew of the Bad Example , the Star Wars RPG campaign I've been running sporadically with GOKL. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image of th
  • Hunting Pirates - Bad Example, Episode 2 Part 2
    Episode 2: Crab Meat Beach Party IV Continued from Part 1 Ever the diplomat and unable to shoot from the back of the column, Hunter climbed up the nearest tree to get a cl
  • Shooting Zebras - Bad Example, Episode 2 Part 1
    I ran the second episode of Star Wars: A Bad Example In The Spacelanes last weekend with the GOKL crew. Without Adrian, Tickley the Jawa Jedi would be relegated to behind-
  • A Bad Example In The Spacelanes, Part 2
    Continuing the adventures of the crew of the Bad Example on Sriluur... III Meanwhile, Aden, Ssssawar and Annie crossed a bridge over the river that led to the waterfall on
  • A Bad Example In The Spacelanes, Part 1
    Last Sunday I ran my first face-to-face, over-the-table Star Wars RPG game since 1999, with the GoKL crew. It was a tramp freighter campaign, set in the Rebellion Era, usi

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