SWD6: Our First RPG Session Ever

04 January 2013 | Hisham | | Enteague Chronicles, RPG Actual Play, Role Playing Games, Star Wars

Shanna Toarinar is on the coverIt was way back in 1989 when I received my first tabletop RPG, the first edition Star Wars The Roleplaying Game and the Star Wars Sourcebook by West End Games. I read through the rules and thought, let's try this out. I didn't even start with "Rebel Breakout", the introductory adventure that came in the book. I took a school exercise book and created a maze of corridors and rooms and thought, "Okay, this'll make a great Imperial space station interior." Actually the map wouldn't make a lick of sense as a military installation, but it was my first try.

Sila decided to be a bounty hunter and rolled up a player character whom she named Shanna Toarinar, and she went on to play Shanna for another ten years in realtime thereafter. And the campaign would go on for many years until I was able to fill out a sourcebook using story elements from different sessions.

Shanna was a bounty hunter who wears dark combat fatigues, grey flak armour, arm greaves and shin guards. Her parents were killed by Imperial stormtroopers when she was five and now she only hunted Imperial targets.

Episode 01 Trial Run

Shanna arrived at a secret Imperial space station orbiting the planet Sirsee. Deciding that she would have better luck hunting and killing Imperials, she had decided to join the Rebel Alliance. But as a trial of her skills, she was given a mission to retrieve a stolen prototype A-Wing fighter. This fighter's computer had encrypted plans and schematics for a new X-Wing extended range variant. The A-Wing was located on this station.

She arrived at the station hidden on a Lambda-class shuttle. Although she succeeded in sneaking off the shuttle as it was refueling, a remote sensor in the hangar bay registered her motion. Klaxons blared and the station went to full alert status much to her annoyance.

A scout trooper spotted her immediately and tried to stop her, but she put a bolt on the scout's chest armour via her long, slender custom blaster rifle. She slipped out of the bay, crept throughout the cramped corridors and reach a blast door. A bored stormtrooper was guarding it. She snuck past him and crossed the blast door threshold.

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