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  • Ruthermore's First Cover: Redux
    The cover of Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fifth Planet was the first in the series that I drew for Ebb and Folks back in 2011. There was a request for an enhancement of th
  • Ruthermore's Fourth Cover
    After creating the cover of David Leyman's  debut entry of his science fiction story Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fifth Planet , followed by the covers of two subsequent e
  • Cover for My Name Is Not A Number
    David Leyman commissioned a cover recently for his new novella entitled My Name is Not a Number . I read it so I could do art direction for the cover myself and I thought
  • Ruthermore's Second and Third Covers
    After illustrating the cover  of  David Leyman's  first "Ruthermore Heidigens" science fiction novella, Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fifth Planet , here are two more cover
  • Cover for Five's The End
    Here is another cover commissioned by Ebb and Folks . Five's The End is a novella by David Leyman that completes the trilogy that begins with Three's Company and continues
  • Cover for The Adepts Book 2: Empath
    The sequel to The Adepts Book 1: Furato will soon be released and here's the cover I painted for it. The blog entry about the cover for the first novel can be found here .
  • Two Covers, One Customer
    Two cover artwork were commissioned by Ebb & Folks for their Iqliptiq Books science fiction imprint. The first is for a prequel and the other a sequel. Rhittach: The Begin
  • Ruthermore's First Cover
    Ruthermore Heidigens and the Fifth Planet is the first of David Leyman's Ruthermore Heidigens science fiction novellas. It features the most powerful wizard in the known u
  • Cover Process for Hags of Teeb
    EBB & Folks sent me another task to complete: The cover for another ebook novella titled The Hags of Teeb . Here is the step-by-step process involved from the first sketch
  • Cover for Meevo
    Meevo is the ebook novella by David Leyman. It is a suitably eerie horror-flavoured science-fiction tale involving an escaped prisoner, the prisoner's hunters and - as we
  • Cover for Three's Company
    Ebb n Folks's latest short story soon to be published on Amazon as a Kindle download is Three's Company . The publisher called for a lined artwork with clean colours on it
  • Cover for Crater
    Ebb & Folks has again given me the assignment to come up with another cover for one of their books. This time it's the novella Crater by David Leyman, now on sale on Amazo
  • A Background Element
    I am working on an ebook cover. The plan is to create separate water colour elements and digitally bring them together for the final artwork. The above is the background e
  • A Novel Tale of a Novel Cover
    Once upon a time, I went to study on how to repair flying machines. During my dozens of years (not really, just 2 and a half years) of studying there were many instructors

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