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  • A Bit Higher Than College Age
    It is nearly impossible for me to form the words to explain and describe the experience of graduating from college with a Bachelor Degree in English Studies at age 42, on
  • Irfan's Aunt Emma's Graduation
    As was reported in an earlier post, we were all at Universiti Malaya for Emma's graduation ceremory. Irfan's grandparents along with assorted uncles and aunts were there f
  • More Like His Old Man By The Day
    There were thousands of humans swarming the area before the Dewan Tunku Canseler in Universiti Malaya today. I swear if I didn't know there were individual consciousness b
  • Ain's Graduation Aug 2003
    In August 2003, a thousand families flocked to Universiti Malaya to see a family member graduate. Ours were there to see Ain graduate (with a 11-month old Irfan in tow), f

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