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  • Psst, Computer. Define Dancing.
      Dancing : A series of movements... ... involving two partners ... ... where speed and rhythm ... ... match harmoniously ...   ... with music.
  • Someone Played With Scissors
    So some kid, who lives in this house, who goes to kindergarten found some scissors at school. Then he decided he'd do a little experimenting with the scissors. On his hair
  • Packed Lunch is Packed
    After only bring in sandwiches for snacks at kindergarten, Irfan brought an awesome looking packed lunch in his schoolbag which consisted of awesome meehoon goreng that Ai
  • Irfan's Second Sports Day
    Last Friday, Irfan had his second ever sports event at his kindergarten during this years' Teachers' Day. This time, Atok and Opah Irfan was also present for the proceedin
  • Irfan Gets a Diploma
    There was a ceremony today. It was organised by the owners of the kindergartens, one of which was Irfan's. So today Irfan got a diploma. Before that, though, there were a
  • Meanwhile At Irfan's School (or The 500th Post)
    After Aidilfitri, Irfan also had some events at school, before exam week begins. The first being his belated birthday celebration at school, which apparently everyone has.
  • Irfan's Sports Day
    Precipitation did give us a break this morning. The sun shone brightly. Since we're not too far from the equator relatively, a shining sun means sweltering and scorching h
  • A Birthday At Irfan's School
    It was supposed to be sports day today at the kindergarten. Unfortunately the heavy rain had other ideas, so instead the school proceeded with the birthday party of a boy,
  • Irfan Goes To Kindergarten
    Today was Irfan's first day at school. He was awaken an hour earlier than usual and was thrust under a shower much to his displeasure. But after a warm bottle of milk, he

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