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  • Additional Tugboats Card Art
    Recently, I was asked by The Sages of RPG to draw three more cards for their fun card game Tugboats . The game is still in beta and it was played during last year's PAX Ea
  • Cargo Ships for Sages of RPG
    While the previous entry featured the tugboats in this card game by Sages of RPG , this blog post feature the boats they guide in. As before, there are four different boat
  • Tugboats for Sages of RPG
    Here are some tugboat illustrations for a card game by Sages of RPG . Watch this space for more details on the card game! Blue Bonnet Boating Green Goblin Groceries Purple
  • Sages of RPG Game Art
    Here are some recent commissions from Sages of RPG in New Hampshire. These are some artwork for their upcoming (and yet-unnamed) game. Stay tuned for more details of this

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