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  • Death On The Outpost Moon
    Clone Wars Episode 5 This week, the GM decided to try out a one-shot scenario. He assigned no-name clone troopers for the players. A sergeant and a bunch of rookies who we
  • Riders of the Malevolence
    Clone Wars Episode 4 The GM announced that this week was going to be a standard dungeon crawl, to which everyone shrugged and went, "Meh." However, after recapping last we
  • Strikeforce: Shadow Squadron
    Clone Wars Episode 3 After the last adventure , in which the party gathered intel on the Malevolence , the GM now changed the flavour of the campaign from a rescue to a st
  • The Orbital Debris Field Manhunt
    Clone Wars Episode 2 Obviously last week had merely been the gaming group's test run using a stand alone scenario in a single session. This week, the GM brought out the bi
  • Battle At The Coral Moon
    Clone Wars Episode 1 The scenario titled "Ambush" was designed so that the Player Characters (PCs), on the side of the Galactic Republic, set down on the moon known as Rug

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